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Learning about make KAMABOKO


I want to provide my experience,
knowledge and skills
to the world surimi industry

for popularize delicious and nutritious surimi products

Japan is the world’s top consumer of paste products. However, in the last 30 years, consumption has been reduced to less than half, and the people are moving away from surimi products. By the time I entered the surimi industry, “OSECHI” dishes were made at home every year at the end of the year, and “KAMABOKO” was included in them. However, lifestyles have changed in recent years, and the consumption of “KAMABOKO” and paste products is decreasing along with the “OSECHI” that is not being made gradually.

The paste product is delicious anyway. It’s also a high-protein, low-calorie diet food. I hope that people all over the world will eat this paste product.

I Joined a top brand surimi product company in Japan and has been worked in manufacturing surimi products for 40 years. In 1995, I was stationed overseas for the first time overseas and contributed to the development of the Thai surimi product industry. There are eight countries that have provided technical guidance, including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

I hava a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding surimi products, focusing on quality control, manufacturing control, and product development.

You can use what I have experienced in the surimi industry for 40 years, the knowledge I gained from working on surimi, and the technical data in making surimi for those who make surimi. I hope it helps. That is the proof of living in my life.

Work history

Mar/1981Graduated from Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University
Specialty: Fisheries Utilization Studies Mainly Fish Protein Chemistry
Graduation thesis title: About salt reduction in Kamaboko
Apr/1981Joined Kibun Foods Inc.
Worked on “quality control” at the Saga Factory. When the Saga Factory was launched, it contributed to the preparation, installation, and enhancement of business management of the quality control room from scratch.
In addition, as a factory manager, I had held and experienced management work such as kamaboko, chikuwa, bamboo grass, fried food, and dumplings.
Apr/1995Joined Kibun(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Corresponds to quality control and product development work.
Development and supply of Japanese-style paste products to customers in the United States and Europe As a result, we have developed an “oden set”.
We have been involved in the development and supply of Japanese-style paste products for local Japanese supermarkets in Thailand. Besides, salmon flakes, Chinese octopus, squid salted fish, etc.
Feb/2003Joined Miyajima Shoyu Inc.
In charge of quality control work as a quality control section chief.
Engaged in the enhancement of food hygiene-related form management and hygiene management systems related to the production of commercial seasonings.
Sep/2004Participated in the launch of a new factory in China jointly with Maruha Nichiro.
Engaged in production control and quality control work from the start-up of a processing factory for softened fish products by retort sterilization to the start of shipment.
Jul/2006Joined Ushidu Kamaboko Co.,Ltd.
As the general manager of the manufacturing quality control department, he is in charge of all control operations related to production from production to quality control. Also involved in the export and sale of “Squid Shumai” to Thailand.
Apr/2011Joined Lucky Union Foods Co.,Ltd.
As the general director of manufacturing, I am in charge of on-site management such as production, development, quality control, and construction work. As a new business, he is also involved in on-site design of fried food line, machine selection and on-site installation. As the only Japanese person in the company, he has been involved in many customer support and product development from Japan.
Sep/2013Joined Miyajima Shoyu Flavor Co.,Ltd.
Engaged in the installation of a retort sterilization line at MK’s new factory as a resident in Bangkok.
Dec/2014Returned to Japan, in charge of Quality Assurance Office at the head office.
He was involved in the development of paste products and contributed to sales.
Nov/2015Joined Fujimitsu Lenam Co.,Ltd.
Moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as the local president of a joint venture with a Vietnamese company. Two factories with mochi purse, crab stick and fried food production line will be set up. In addition to exporting paste products and rice cake purse to Japan, he was also involved in the supply of paste products to Ho Chi Minh City.
Jul/2017Started a company in Bangkok, Thailand but closed due to circumstances.
Jul/2018Contracted as a consultant for Thai Union Company.
FISHO (cod sheet) and bakery line on-site improvement guidance.
Sep/2019He started a technical consultant focusing on paste products as an individual, and is currently contracting with a paste product company in China. During this time, two companies, India and Malaysia, provided technical guidance on paste products.