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Situation of the fish cake in the world

Amount of Surimi in the world(2018)

The world SURIMI amount of production is 770,000 tons, and the United States is 30.8%, and China 16.8%, India are 14.2%. Vietnam and Indonesia are thought to be included in a big ratio in others.

Consumption of Surimi in the world(2018) 

The surimi uses about 770,000 tons at the whole world, but Japan is the first place at 34.9% of 270,000 tons. Korea produces 130,000 tons and is 16.8%, and China produces the third place 100,000 tons and is 12.9%. It is thought that 90,000 tons of Southeast Asia is consumed in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Consumption of Surimi products in the world(2018)

The consumption of surimi products at the whole world uses 1.94 million tons. Japan uses 26.2% of the whole at 510,000 tons with the first place in that. China uses 500,000 tons next, and it is 25.7%, and Korea uses 260,000 tons and is 13.4%. These three countries use 65.3% of the whole.

Consumption of Surimi products in Japan(ton)

About 30 years ago, in 1983, the amount of consumption was 1.03 million tons, but in 2014, 30 years later, it decreased to less than half, to 470,000 tons.

The reasons for this may be (1) the removal of fish from young people, (2) the decrease in population, and (3) the increase in a wide variety of fast foods.