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Learning about make KAMABOKO

Basics knowledge of preparing surimi products

What is delicious Kamaboko?

While Kamaboko is a processed food, it is desired to have natural and natural taste, while its substance is aimed at the unspecified taste that human beings must make up and change with the times.

How to make delicious Kamaboko?

The skeleton of the element of taste is roughly divided into three parts: appearance, physical properties and flavor. When this element is broken down into smaller pieces, there is a product color, shape, size, and luster in appearance. Physical properties include smoothness, stickiness, hardness, crispness, and smoothness. As for flavor, it is a balance between five basic taste flavor and aroma. Many of these elements are put together to meet the characteristics of each product without any dissatisfaction, and it can be said that they are delicious Kamaboko.

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